Member Roster

  • President                        Lynda Osmer, WB4TJE (2020)
  • Vice-President               Glenda Trowbridge, WB4NFZ (2020)         
  • Secretary                        Jan Sturbois, WB4RIV (2020)
  • Treasurer                       Lisa Shier, N3WQL
  • Teri Estes, KM4ECD
  • Teresa Frost, K4TLF
  • Theresa Gobble, KA4SHI
  • Linda Haft, WN1G (2017)
  • Guin Givens, N4FDB (2018)
  • Mamie Handy, N4JGC (2020)
  • Kelley Johns, W4VPZ (2020)
  • Janet Johnson, KN4LHX(2020)
  • Rosalind Marie, KM4VAR (2017)
  • Cora Mercer, K4KTZ
  • Martha Nelson, KM4CZY
  • Gladys Oliver, KC4CUI (2020)
  • Susan Seaford, AI4VV
  • Marylin Setlow, N4PCW
  • Tabitha Sharp, W4ISD (2020)
  • Evelyn Watson, KC4RPD (2018)
  • Mary Wheeler, WA4AXA
  • Emily Willis, KM4LLT
  • Melanie Winter, N4HIX
  • Honorary Member: Joe Sturbois, WB4RIU

Current members have paid dues for the current year. We generally allow 2 years’ grace period on dues payment, after which we will drop a name from the membership roster. Dropped members can renew their status by paying the current year’s dues.

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