In early 1977 some YLs who were licensed amateur radio operators decided they would like to form a club. The idea soon became a reality as the group met in February of that year to organize. It was decided at that time to call the group HAYLARC (Huntsville Area Young Ladies Amateur Radio Club).

The group formed a service club and one of the first projects was a directory of “hams” in the North Alabama area. Another project which continued for many years was the school program. Because there were teachers in HAYLARC, it was not difficult to offer the program and for a number of years ladies from HAYLARC went regularly to schools in the Huntsville area. Students were shown videos about amateur radio and demonstrations were given using Morse Code and someone would be contacted on 2 meters. This always was exciting to the students and frequently one of them was allowed to say “hello.” The HAYLARCs also presented programs to HARC and other clubs in the area. There eventually was no longer a demand for the school program due to school schedules and technology.

Some of the other projects of the group included providing communications for different events — especially the annual Christmas Parade, participation in Field Day, local nets including one of our own, and the Hamfest. In recent years the group has published a cookbook, helped with the annual Angel Tree of the Salvation Army, helped with the SVHFS Convention in 2003, and hosted the YLRL International convention here in Huntsville in 2008. Books and other amateur radio materials have been donated to the local library as well. The annual Huntsville Hamfest registration is still one of the main projects of the group as well as having a breakfast for YL’s and guests on Sunday morning of the Hamfest.

It is our understanding that HAYLARC is one of the few groups of YLs who have been in existence for this length of time. We remain active but small; however, we are always looking for new members in the North Alabama area.

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