Amateur Radio


If you are interested in becoming a licensed amateur radio operator, study guides are available online or in stores (locally, Gigaparts carries study guides). You don’t need to know Morse Code to attain a license. A great deal of information about amateur radio is available from the American Radio Relay League.

Huntsville, AL area testing sessions and information are listed at

The largest and most active local club is the Huntsville Amateur Radio Club; it is a very active club with weekly meetings. Visitors are welcome.

If you are interested in DXing or contesting, check out the North Alabama DX Club

For support during local weather emergencies, join the ARES/RACES group.

For our friends in Jackson County, the ARES/RACES group there is

If you have gate access at Redstone Arsenal, the MSFC Amateur Radio Club stays busy.

And, lastly, if you use the local repeaters, it’s always good to support the North Alabama Repeater Association.

All these organizations welcome new members and appreciate your support.

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